FlowCore 2.0 Community License

(Free for Commercial Use, support 100 users)

Deployed on Amazon EC2: aws.amazon.com
(1) Small and medium-sized enterprises(Unlisted companies, non-EU companies, non-state-owned enterprises).
(2) Annual revenue less than $3 million.
(3) Deployed on Amazon AWS EC2 or Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines.
(4) Get a 6-month subscription(Community License), free renewal within 60 days before expiration.
Top-Level Domains .com | .net are allowed, with a limit of 5 Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) per domain-name.
For example: office.paicore.com, sample.office.paicore.com
By applying, I agree to FlowCore End User License Agreement(EULA) , Paicore's Terms of use and Privacy Policy .

Tools: Query IP addresses - Regions on AWS and Azure

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